Preschool and Elementary Education Costs

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Estimated Cost for each child (in Pesos and US Dollar):

  Grade School / Child Pre-school / Child
Education Cost: Books, Materials, Uniform, etc. 13,500php 10,500php
Physical and Social Needs: Daily Food, Medical Expenses, Field Trip, Clothing, etc. 4,500php 4,500php
TOTAL 18,000php 15,000php
US Dollars $420 $350
Per Month $35 $30









Number of Students for the school year 2011 – 2012

Third Graders: 10 students
Second Graders: 12 students
First Graders: 12 students
Preschoolers: 14 students

Sponsor A Child


Age: 8
Siblings: 5
Address: Gruar
Father's Name: Melchar
Occupation: Carpenter
Mother's Name: Rowena
Occupation: Unemployed

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